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Find My Lost Phone

Your gadgets are most important thing in life as it may have all crucial information of you. When you lose it, you will lose all your best memories and videos that you have in it. However, the good news is that you do not need to panic in case if you lost your mobile; there are ways to find where and with whom your phone.

There are number of options; for example, you can track using IMEI number, or you can use preinstalled find my phone app from the manufacturers or  you could use third party tracking app if you have installed it before you lost your phone or you can use Géolocalisation par GPS from which can track your number by using GPS. Let’s look into some of them to find lost phone.

Using IMEI Number To Track

Every phone comes with IMEI number with it, this will be there at the backside of your phone or in the package of the phone. Just in case you are not able to find IMEI number then launch your mobile app & dial *#06#. It will provide you IMEI code of your mobile. You got to save this number safely as this will be very much helpful to locate your lost phone.

Once your cell phone is lost you must report complaint to police, they will have the tracker to trace your mobile. This can be happened by using IMEI number so this number is important. They will track the phone and let you know where the phone is. Doesn’t matter if person who have the cell phone has inserted another sim or if he switched the phone off. Once your device is found you can ask the service people to unblock. It’s the easiest ways to locate your phone.

Next Plan

Another way to track you lost phone is getting the phone tracker application that tracks in very less time; the only criteria is you need to install it before you lose your phone. All you must do is you have to login play store and search for tracking app and download it and install it to your mobile. This will happen when there your cell phone is in internet coverage place. You have to wait for few seconds after this you can send text message as “locate”. This application will give you the location of your phone this map will be mailed to your mail account. This will help you in great way if you have lost IMEI number with you.

One of the best websites I can recommend is the one using GeoLocaliserUnPortable to find your phone using GPS and they use their own private satellite to detect your lost pone. This website doesn’t have any conditions like it need to be installed in your phone in prior. This application will work all good when its not even installed in your phone, it will track you phone without any issue.

How Thai Amulets Helps?

You might have always got doubtful about how to wear and what’s the procedure to wear amulets. When you buy an amulets it’s important to follow the defined procedure. First you have to wash your hand, keep the amulet at the middle of the palm now focus on your brain or on the power of the Buddha. According to the fundamental rules it’s important that amulets shouldn’t be wore below waist line under any circumstance.

There are even some amulets for the beginners where it has to be worn as fashion product. They bring huge success in life and they don’t have any fundamental rules set for those. They are filled with powerful teaching of Buddha. These kind of amulets are commonly used for great chance, good health and wonderful relationship.

There are other kinds of amulets that has to be used very strictly and cost of these kind can be seen at Amulets made by older monks are very prestigious, aged amulets are prestigious and these are costly. You will come across 5 different kinds of amulets lp toh, lp toh pidta, lp toh sivali, lp toh somdej and lp toh rian.

The holy or the sacred items linked to Lord Buddha can be also be proved as the top Buddha necklace. These amulets are worshipped and prayed under no circumstance these amulets are not fixed to any religion. As these amulets are worshipped they have to be treated very carefully, they should never be placed on ground or never with some useless things. It’s important that you fold it carefully and place it near Buddha statue and if you don’t have statue at home the hang it somewhere.

There are lots of Buddha amulets every amulets have its own feature and power. Depressing fact is that now a day’s people are diverting at making money than giving people that authentic amulets. They are promoting fake amulets everywhere are people are believing and buying them. This scam has to be stopped people should gain knowledge about real amulets so that they can make difference between real and fake. This will help the country to vanish this scam completely.

Always go with some experienced people to buy Thai amulets. There will be a mark on authentic amulets that will be written in ancient language which only experienced people can recognise. There are many sorts of amulets that will be specific for every problem. You have to follow the defined rules to use them to get fruitful result.

Singapore- The Perfect Destination For Family Vacation

Singapore is a small island country surrounded by lush green and covered by tropical green forests. It is a place to explore numerous things like adventure, peace, night life, researches about various plant species and many more. People from all the countries visit the place every year for many reasons like business, tourism etc. The country is not only known as popular tourist destination, but it is also one of the leading country in terms of business and economy. Ports of Singapore are recognized as busiest ports in Asian continent.

Many cities in Singapore are covered by lush green and have pleasing environment. The country has many such places to visit and traveler can explore many species of plants and trees. Botanical garden of Singapore has vast area and the authorities provide free entry to the park. It is available for public visit and open from early morning till midnight. It has many beautiful sub gardens within the park.

There are many nature reserves in Singapore such as, Bukit Timah nature reserve and McRitchie nature reserve. The places are suitable for jungle treks and a great place which offers peaceful experiences of nature walk. Tree walk in McRitchie nature reserve is a fun and many people love to enjoy walk to the top of Singapore trees.

Singapore zoo can be viewed in two shades. Normal zoo visit in the day time and night safari. The nature walk around Singapore zoo is awesome as it also encounters many species of animals along the way. It is a tough choice for the visitors between day visit or night safari. It is the only zoo which is providing night safari experiences to the visitors. It has been built with the concept of different geographical zones and people are taken through the tram for safari. It is better to opt for tram as it is difficult to walk, and it is not possible to reach eastern part of the park by walk.

Singapore – Destination At A Glance-BannerClark Quay is the most fun happening place of Singapore. In any means, if the visitor is getting bored, make a visit to this place and enjoy the beautiful evening with your dear ones. Many night clubs, bars and restaurants and also the online games like are the add-ons which enhance the vibrant experiences of night life at Singapore. So, visit Singapore and enjoy the moments with your family and friends.

Lottery Games As A Means Of Fun And Entertainment

Many people used to play the lottery games for entertainment purposes. It is a great way to have fun. The player will not know about the winning number, but he just randomly picks the number of his choice. Waiting for the draw results is a nice experience and the happiness will get multiplied if the winning number is the one which you have selected. Playing the lottery games is legal in Singapore and the people above 18 years of age are allowed to play the games.

Toto lottery is a simple game when compared to other lottery games. It is a number game in which the player should select 6 numbers out of 45 numbers i.e. from 0 to 45. The probability of combination of numbers are endless and people uses some of their lucky numbers, birth dates, marriage dates and other important numbers of them.

Many people uses certain game strategies to identify the numbers, so that it should come up with a good results. Someone will say it has a game of luck and there is a belief, the number which is present in frequent results may have the chance of repeating or being a part of lottery results. Of course, if you look back to the history of old winning data it has been proved that few numbers are continuously repeating in the results and choosing such number will make you satisfied to certain extent, at least you have a chance of winning some amount.

lucky draw SingaporeTo increase the possibility of winning the game, we should make a practice of playing the game often, so that we can guess the probability of winning numbers. It is your choice, you can either select the new number or if you believe in strategies you can choose the repeating number. Each ticket of toto will have date printed on it and hence there will not be any confusions with the draw results.

As I said earlier, Lottery is a game of luck and you have all the possibilities of winning the games as anyone else. So, never lose the hope, the winning number can be yours. People will be dreaming all the time, what if the winning number is mine? what should I do with the money? And it is definitely a thrilling experience. If you match all the six numbers or highest possible number, you will receive a huge prize money. So, enjoy the game and increase your bank balance playing online lottery.

Enjoy Your Vacation At Malaysia

Malaysia is a perfect holiday destination in Asia. It is a land of cultures, wonders, attractions and activities. The tour package of Malaysia will comprise of primitive longhouses to tall buildings, from pristine beaches to all water activities. Complete place is a perfect blend of natural beauty and manmade towers. Malaysia is a perfect place where you can damp your thirst for fun, excitement and entertainment.

Every Malaysia tour package will include its capital city, Kuala Lumpur. This thriving city encompasses tall skyscrapers, temples, mosques, shopping malls, hotels and restaurants and a whole lot of fascinating destinations. While you are wandering around KL, you can visit Petronas Towers, Batu caves, Merdaka square, theme park, botanical garden and much more. If you are a night owl then, Bukit Bin Tang and beach clubs will keep you happy. Genting highland is an ultimate place for entertainment, it is often known as Las Vegas of Malaysia. This place offers plethora of online gambling Malaysia opportunity and fascinating entertainment centers, it also has theme park to offer you a thrilling rides.

If you wish to explore Malaysia’s wildlife in a greater detail then you need to head to Kuala Gula Bird sanctuary, Taman Negara National Park and Penang bird park. To experience the rich cultural heritage of Malaysia then a trip to Southern states of Johor can be best. Here, you can watch trance inducing Kuda Kepand dance in Muar along with ghazal music that soothe your mind, body and soul. Participate in  chanting of hymns with other devotees and you will surely feel relaxed and refreshed.

Penang is a famous destination in Malaysia paradise for sun, sand and serenity seekers. This place is blessed with glorious sunshine and fresh air, Penang is not only famous for it beaches but houses numerous temples, mosques and art galleries that highlight Malay ethnicity. Langkawi is another island in Malaysia you should not miss at any cost as it will offer visitors a peek into country’s rich natural heritage visible at different places within island. The Underwater world at Langkawi houses more than 5000 species of marine animals.

There are certainly many other magical spots in Malaysia to explore. Tourists who return from Malaysia tour will often confess that this place has a magnetic appeal about itself and you will surely feel to visit again and again.

Malaysia – Heavenly Tourist Spot

Malaysia is one of the major travel destination for millions of tourists around the world. This beautiful country has seen tremendous transformation in past several decades and today it presents some most extreme contrast to its visitors. This glorious place comprising island life, city excitement, adventures and oriental culture and heritage will amaze everyone.

Twin tower Malaysia AttractionIn Malaysia, Orangutans swing around lush forests, ancient volcanic domes, beaches treed by turtles than people and fishing towns spill into South China Sea. Just a glance at this country will give you a reason why so many people love to travel around Malaysia. Whether they come to enjoy the pearly water of pristine beaches or to play online betting Malaysia at tea scented Cameron highland, explore historic relics of Malacca or to shop around the raucous markets of capital city and the list will go on.

Kuala Lumpur is the capital city of Malaysia, here you can go up to the World famous Petronas Twin tower, the tallest twin tower in the world. Whole city is packed with markets and hawkers bazaars down the streets of Petaling. It’s one of the world’s great multicultural metropolis. Malaysia is better known as shoppers paradise, luxurious shopping malls are located around the country selling everything from designer cloths, watches and fashion accessories to locally made hand crafts and oil paintings. Suria KLCC, Bukit Bintang and Berjaya Times square are famous shopping malls in Malaysia.

Many hills are located in mountain ranges of Malaysia peninsular, the ranges are mainly developed for agriculture, entertainment and to help people to escape from the hot and humid temperature that Malaysia experiences throughout the year. Malaysia’s natural beauty offers some unique flora and fauna to the world. The beaches are undoubtedly beautiful rich in marine animals, underwater reefs and corals, it holds the reputation of  best scuba diving beaches.

Those who are looking for glamour, shopping, dining, nature and more, Malaysia will definitely satisfy everyone’s need and sensibility. With all these, it no wonder that global tourists continue to visit Malaysia again and again to explore blend of cultures and nature for amazing holidays.

Singapore Vacations – Feel The Real Excitement

Singapore is a city that seems to handle the mixture of serenity, tranquility, hustle and bustle with finesse. Here is the place where you will enjoy seeing skyscrapers that seem to touch the sky, shopping malls and streets that rivals the famous shops in Milan, London and New York, a Night Safari where you will see animals that you have never seen before anywhere.

In Singapore where else you will go and enjoy?  Orchard Road – This place was once used as an orchard plantation, but now became the famous place for shopping branded products such as Louis Vuitton, Tiffany & Company and Prada. You will enjoy seeing shopping malls, street shops and, it is the large scale center of shopping.

singapore travel without visaOrchard road is one of the reasons to attract tourists because, to experience orchard road shopping places, people plan to come here. This is also a famous place where you will witness a street full of decorations for New Year, Chinese New Year and Christmas.

The country is also famous for many online playing clubs and the people will find more fun and excitement playing over here. One such famous online site is, which is more popular among Singaporeans.

What is the Nightlife In Singapore?  Is that mean animals that roam in Night Safari of Singapore Zoo which you can see by travelling in Tram? Or it mean clubs and bars that was active at night with music and drinks and one can drink in until the wee hours of the morning? To those two questions, answer will be both.

When you see clubs and bars, you will be glad to know Singapore night life is alive and well. The number of bars is high and they are located next to next in a street and, you can go from one to next with no problem.

Consider type of nightlife which is nocturnal creatures roaming in Singapore Zoo at night. Don’t miss the 40-minute guided tram ride with live commentary, because some of the animals can only be seen from the tram. Your knowledgeable tram guide will fill you in on the beasts and the 6 geographical zones as you drive through them all namely Himalayan Foothill, Indian Subcontinent, Equatorial Africa, Asian Riverine Forest, Nepalese River Valley and Burmese Hillside.

Other tourist spots of Singapore include Sentosa, Jurong Bird Park, Botanical Garden, Geylang, Singapore Zoo etc. This is a minimum of seeing and if time permits, you can visit many tourist spots and enjoy well in Singapore.

Malaysia – Great Place To Visit In Asia

Malaysia is a great place to visit if you are person who loves environment as well as city life. From natural treasures to man made architectures Malaysia has everything to gift you. Malaysia is rich not only in its resources but also rich in its culture and traditions. People from different region migrated to Malaysia over the decades for the purpose of trading and settled in Malaysia emerging to the great colonial existence. One can easily see the diversity among the people of Malaysia, there is no racial problems one can find among Malaysians.

Kuala Lumpur is the only global city you can find in Malaysia. This city is rich in heritage collaborated with modernization. Batu Caves are well worth to visit, and they are located just outside the capital city. These Batu caves are huge cathedral caves which are accessible by steps. Basically, these caves are considered as a Hindu Temple for more than hundred years.

There are over 200 tropical islands situated in Malaysia, enabling it to have different kind of water adventures like Scuba diving. Melaka is place which is rich in heritage and culture, you can find a unique mixture of Malay culture with the Chinese culture. Sabah is a state which has both island as well as beach and that is why the place is always crowded.

Genting Highland is a Malaysia’s hillside station, it is renowned for its happening night life, luxurious hotels, skyways and gaming centers who offers numerous gaming website, one of the popular website is w138. Mount Kinabulu is situated in sabah, a nature lover can trek through the peak of Mount Kinabulu to enjoy the spectacular view from the peak.

Apart from the beautiful places, Malaysia is also famous for the traditional cuisines that has to offer their tourist. And not to forget to mention about the shopping spots in Malaysia, In Kuala Lumper there are numerous expensive shopping malls, bazaars and artistic shops. The open market will sell the fresh fruits and vegetables, restaurants will serve the tourist, the best tastes of Malay, Chinese and Indian delicious dishes.

Traveling within Malaysia is affordable and very convenient so, you need not to worry about visiting different places. Malaysia is a perfect place to travel in Asia, it has lot to offer its travelers. Malaysia is filled with unlimited fun, entertainment and loads of activities which keeps every tourist busy during their vacation. Explore the shopping streets, enjoy the Malay meals and go on adventuring water sports.

How To Stay Away From Thieves While Traveling With A Smart Anti-theft Backpack?

When one is traveling, one of the most important things to consider is safely. One has to safeguard oneself and also the belongings have to be kept safe. One should not leave the bag unattended and keep it away from thieves because it might get tampered or even stolen.

For this reason, there are many anti theft backpacks available in the market. The features of the backpack are very important because it is not in front of you but is hung behind you and one cannot monitor it constantly. One has known what features will help to keep the backpack away thieves. Here are some important features one has to consider while purchasing a back pack:

do anti theft backpacks work


  1. Slash resistant material:

Most important feature of a anti-theft bag is the material used to make it. A good anti-theft backpack will be made of military-grade and extremely slash proof. Many thieves sneakily cut the material of a bag and grab whatever he finds inside, even if the bag is zipped shut. The body panels contain an internal wire mesh system which prevents this, keeping valuables safe.

  1. Cut-proof backpack straps:

Another common technique, particularly with handbags, is for a thief to slash the straps of a bag without anyone noticing, so that they can race off with the main body of the bag before one notices it being removed. Like the slash proof body panel, the straps on the bag are cut-proof, which means the backpack stays safely around you.

  1. Rare zip smart pocket: Being super-organised, with lots of pockets and storage space to keep things neat and tidy, the extra pockets on the anti-theft backpack are incredible. These pockets are discreet and almost unnoticeable making it perfect for storing cash or phone while the main compartment is locked.
  1. Style: These are not only clever but also sensible backpack. The design is sleek, simple and the silky material makes the bag look very nice.

The backpacks manufactured by the most reputed company, topantitheftbackpacks are of high quality and keeps one stay away from thieves. They offer the most durable and reliable anti theft backpack which is available online with top quality features.

5 Top Places Smart Cars Go

While still at its infancy stages, smart cars have been in the market and have been utilized in several societies. It was utilized greatly in Arizona for the better part of a year.

It is interesting to note how these smart cars have been utilized. Understanding where these smart cars are being used and their destinations will better help manufacturers plot out paths and build their smart cars in accordance with these places.

Here are the top four places that smart cars go.

To Work

This one is a no-brainer. The travel and commuting to and fro the workplace is often as bad or even worse than the actual job itself. It takes away so much time from a person’s day and traffic (not to mention other driver’s bad etiquette on the road) are often points of stress of a person.

To School

Early riders had young students use smart cars to go to school. While there are no definite demographics regarding age yet, it is understandable why students utilize smart cars.

In using smart cars, it frees up parents and guardians, giving them the opportunity to trust their children’s journey to school while focusing on other things such as work or other priorities.

To Bars and Drinking Places

This is an interesting fact and quite understandably so. When drinkers don’t need to worry about driving to and from a drinking place, the roads and people are safer.

Majority of road accidents in America are often attributed to people who are intoxicated. Smart cars cannot be intoxicated, so they can safely send their passengers home.

To the Gym

This one is also unsurprising. With smart cars, people who go the gym can go hard and leave no reserve energy for the ride home. Why would they? It is like they have a tireless driver driving them home anyway.

We at Smart Up France hope that the information presented will help people understand where and how smart cars are used better. We also hope that more information on the top places that smart cars go will be used to further improve its development in the future.

2 Smart Car Implications You Should Know About

Driverless cars are coming on to the force en masse. Uber recently announced that they were ordering as much as 24,000 autonomous cars to supplement their workforce. They ordered the cars from Volvo. Tesla also released its own driverless cars some time ago and is continuing its development.

Smart cars are a totally different piece of technology that will radically change the way the world works. When it is perfected and adopted, there will be a lot of changes in society.

Smart Up France presents two smart car implications that you should know about and prepare for.


With driverless cars, there is an expectation that when it becomes mainstream, there will be no need for people to own their own cars anymore.

Instead, transportation will become a service that will be capitalized on by big companies.

This is the expectation because there are just so many technical, monetary, and safety concerns that will be better handled by big transportation companies.

Ownership may become a thing of the past. It could become a specialized hobby reserved only for collectors and racers.

In addition to that, with driverless cars on the horizon, there may also be a need to do away with driver’s licenses. There would not be much need to procure a license if there is nothing to drive anymore.

Shared Energy

With electric cars on the verge of overtaking the market, there is an interesting implication about the energy that the smart cars bring around.

Nowadays, the batteries of our cellular phones seldom run out. With the advent of power banks, people could charge on the go and never be out of battery.

With smart cars, this could also ring true. A smart car is a really large portable battery. These could be used at construction sites and replace power generators. It could also be used to provide power in areas that do not have any electricity.

If larger smart cars were made, might it even be possible to replace the current power line system that we have?

The possibilities of smart cars leads to innovative ideas that have exciting implications for societies. There are more technological implications of smart cars constantly being developed. It will be interesting to see what happens from now.

3 Mind Blowing Smart Car Technologies Coming Up

A few years ago, driverless cars were a thing only found in science fiction. Now though, autonomous cars are something that we see more and more of each day.

Development doesn’t stop with the vehicle itself though. Scientists, engineers, and whole teams are currently developing technologies that will better the smart car experience.

Here are three mind blowing smart car technologies that you absolutely have to look out for.

Energy Producing Body Panels

Customizing the body and different panels of a car has often been done as a pure aesthetic choice. However, the automotive industry is a creative bunch that often has room for interesting and even odd ideas.

Enter Toyota. Toyota has developed Nori. In Japanese, nori is seaweed. This is made evident by the green color of the body plating.

Nori is a carbon fiber body plating for the chassis and body of the car. The carbon fiber element means that it is super lightweight, making your vehicle faster.

Apart from that though, Toyota added something a little extra that will give it a powerful boost. There are also solar panels implemented on the panels that allow for the car to be energy efficient. This generates extra power for the car and allows it to have energy sustainability.

Improved Gesture Control

In 2011, Audi introduced increased gesture control. It is known as the multimedia interface touch system.

This system allows for better controllability of your autonomous car.

Using this system, riders will be able to draw character on a trackpad. Depending on what character you draw, it could activate a number of different apps.

In doing so, it is the hope of Audi that it improves the driving experience of riders.

Air Propulsion

Cadillac has recently developed a way to make the engine of their cars more efficient. They have developed air propulsion.

Due to their development, the vehicle was able to run for 1,000 miles on compressed air before the need to refuel. A true solution for car efficiency.

We at Smart Up France are eager to see what other smart car technological advancements await us and smart cars in the future. Stay tuned to us as we stay tuned to these developments and report them to you.

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