A few years ago, driverless cars were a thing only found in science fiction. Now though, autonomous cars are something that we see more and more of each day.

Development doesn’t stop with the vehicle itself though. Scientists, engineers, and whole teams are currently developing technologies that will better the smart car experience.

Here are three mind blowing smart car technologies that you absolutely have to look out for.

Energy Producing Body Panels

Customizing the body and different panels of a car has often been done as a pure aesthetic choice. However, the automotive industry is a creative bunch that often has room for interesting and even odd ideas.

Enter Toyota. Toyota has developed Nori. In Japanese, nori is seaweed. This is made evident by the green color of the body plating.

Nori is a carbon fiber body plating for the chassis and body of the car. The carbon fiber element means that it is super lightweight, making your vehicle faster.

Apart from that though, Toyota added something a little extra that will give it a powerful boost. There are also solar panels implemented on the panels that allow for the car to be energy efficient. This generates extra power for the car and allows it to have energy sustainability.

Improved Gesture Control

In 2011, Audi introduced increased gesture control. It is known as the multimedia interface touch system.

This system allows for better controllability of your autonomous car.

Using this system, riders will be able to draw character on a trackpad. Depending on what character you draw, it could activate a number of different apps.

In doing so, it is the hope of Audi that it improves the driving experience of riders.

Air Propulsion

Cadillac has recently developed a way to make the engine of their cars more efficient. They have developed air propulsion.

Due to their development, the vehicle was able to run for 1,000 miles on compressed air before the need to refuel. A true solution for car efficiency.

We at Smart Up France are eager to see what other smart car technological advancements await us and smart cars in the future. Stay tuned to us as we stay tuned to these developments and report them to you.