Many people used to play the lottery games for entertainment purposes. It is a great way to have fun. The player will not know about the winning number, but he just randomly picks the number of his choice. Waiting for the draw results is a nice experience and the happiness will get multiplied if the winning number is the one which you have selected. Playing the lottery games is legal in Singapore and the people above 18 years of age are allowed to play the games.

Toto lottery is a simple game when compared to other lottery games. It is a number game in which the player should select 6 numbers out of 45 numbers i.e. from 0 to 45. The probability of combination of numbers are endless and people uses some of their lucky numbers, birth dates, marriage dates and other important numbers of them.

Many people uses certain game strategies to identify the numbers, so that it should come up with a good results. Someone will say it has a game of luck and there is a belief, the number which is present in frequent results may have the chance of repeating or being a part of lottery results. Of course, if you look back to the history of old winning data it has been proved that few numbers are continuously repeating in the results and choosing such number will make you satisfied to certain extent, at least you have a chance of winning some amount.

lucky draw SingaporeTo increase the possibility of winning the game, we should make a practice of playing the game often, so that we can guess the probability of winning numbers. It is your choice, you can either select the new number or if you believe in strategies you can choose the repeating number. Each ticket of toto will have date printed on it and hence there will not be any confusions with the draw results.

As I said earlier, Lottery is a game of luck and you have all the possibilities of winning the games as anyone else. So, never lose the hope, the winning number can be yours. People will be dreaming all the time, what if the winning number is mine? what should I do with the money? And it is definitely a thrilling experience. If you match all the six numbers or highest possible number, you will receive a huge prize money. So, enjoy the game and increase your bank balance playing online lottery.