Singapore is a small island country surrounded by lush green and covered by tropical green forests. It is a place to explore numerous things like adventure, peace, night life, researches about various plant species and many more. People from all the countries visit the place every year for many reasons like business, tourism etc. The country is not only known as popular tourist destination, but it is also one of the leading country in terms of business and economy. Ports of Singapore are recognized as busiest ports in Asian continent.

Many cities in Singapore are covered by lush green and have pleasing environment. The country has many such places to visit and traveler can explore many species of plants and trees. Botanical garden of Singapore has vast area and the authorities provide free entry to the park. It is available for public visit and open from early morning till midnight. It has many beautiful sub gardens within the park.

There are many nature reserves in Singapore such as, Bukit Timah nature reserve and McRitchie nature reserve. The places are suitable for jungle treks and a great place which offers peaceful experiences of nature walk. Tree walk in McRitchie nature reserve is a fun and many people love to enjoy walk to the top of Singapore trees.

Singapore zoo can be viewed in two shades. Normal zoo visit in the day time and night safari. The nature walk around Singapore zoo is awesome as it also encounters many species of animals along the way. It is a tough choice for the visitors between day visit or night safari. It is the only zoo which is providing night safari experiences to the visitors. It has been built with the concept of different geographical zones and people are taken through the tram for safari. It is better to opt for tram as it is difficult to walk, and it is not possible to reach eastern part of the park by walk.

Singapore – Destination At A Glance-BannerClark Quay is the most fun happening place of Singapore. In any means, if the visitor is getting bored, make a visit to this place and enjoy the beautiful evening with your dear ones. Many night clubs, bars and restaurants and also the online games like are the add-ons which enhance the vibrant experiences of night life at Singapore. So, visit Singapore and enjoy the moments with your family and friends.