Your gadgets are most important thing in life as it may have all crucial information of you. When you lose it, you will lose all your best memories and videos that you have in it. However, the good news is that you do not need to panic in case if you lost your mobile; there are ways to find where and with whom your phone.

There are number of options; for example, you can track using IMEI number, or you can use preinstalled find my phone app from the manufacturers or  you could use third party tracking app if you have installed it before you lost your phone or you can use Géolocalisation par GPS from which can track your number by using GPS. Let’s look into some of them to find lost phone.

Using IMEI Number To Track

Every phone comes with IMEI number with it, this will be there at the backside of your phone or in the package of the phone. Just in case you are not able to find IMEI number then launch your mobile app & dial *#06#. It will provide you IMEI code of your mobile. You got to save this number safely as this will be very much helpful to locate your lost phone.

Once your cell phone is lost you must report complaint to police, they will have the tracker to trace your mobile. This can be happened by using IMEI number so this number is important. They will track the phone and let you know where the phone is. Doesn’t matter if person who have the cell phone has inserted another sim or if he switched the phone off. Once your device is found you can ask the service people to unblock. It’s the easiest ways to locate your phone.

Next Plan

Another way to track you lost phone is getting the phone tracker application that tracks in very less time; the only criteria is you need to install it before you lose your phone. All you must do is you have to login play store and search for tracking app and download it and install it to your mobile. This will happen when there your cell phone is in internet coverage place. You have to wait for few seconds after this you can send text message as “locate”. This application will give you the location of your phone this map will be mailed to your mail account. This will help you in great way if you have lost IMEI number with you.

One of the best websites I can recommend is the one using GeoLocaliserUnPortable to find your phone using GPS and they use their own private satellite to detect your lost pone. This website doesn’t have any conditions like it need to be installed in your phone in prior. This application will work all good when its not even installed in your phone, it will track you phone without any issue.