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Food For Love And Romance

Throughout history much foods have been linked to love and romance, and many have been claimed to increase the pleasure of love. Medical science is not supporting such facts today, however there is little scientific evidence that any specific food increases love and romance.

Foods that are recommended for love and romance will have physiological effects, raising body temperature, encouraging increased energy levels, encouraging production of hormones, changing levels of neurotransmitters and lowering inhibitions. On considering these effects, scientists don’t want to support such foods.

Some foods claimed to have aphrodisiac properties are:

Dark Chocolate:

Dark chocolate is a complex food, that contains Phenylethylamine and Serotonin. These chemicals used to increase the feel of love and intimacy among couple. These chemicals in turn increase blood pressure and general feelings of well-being such as are associated with being in love. Dark chocolate also contains flavanol antioxidants which are of positive health benefit.


when can relationship cause depressionOysters have founded to be a great aphrodisiac, but with little scientific foundation. Oysters are very healthy food like eggs. They contain protein, carbohydrates, lipids, an array of vitamins (A, B1, B2, C, and D), plus a plethora of minerals (calcium, iodine, iron, potassium, copper, sodium, zinc, phosphorus, magnesium, and sulphur). Oysters have another important nutrient needed for women which is omega-3 fatty acids. Oysters got Zinc which is important for raising testosterone levels and the action was found to be an immediate.

Spanish Fly Liquid:

It is a kind of liquid aphrodisiac for men and women. Due to lot of work and pressure, people can lose passion and intimacy in their relationship. It may create distance between a couple. Thus, Spanish fly liquid is taken as drops as given in to increase your intimacy level.

Plant-Based Foods:

There are many other natural substances which are plant-based have supposed aphrodisiac properties. But, there is specific evidence or idea on how to use such plant-based foods.

The list includes such diverse substances as: avocados, asparagus, arugula (rocket), bananas, blowfish, caviar, celery, chilly-pepper, figs, gingko, ginseng, kava, lobster, passion fruit, pomegranate, saffron, sea cucumber, truffle, vanilla, and wasabi.

Thus, there are many foods that may stimulate your intimacy feeling and this is possible with our brain’s celebral cortex. Our feelings of love and romance reside in the brain, self-manufactured, but these feelings are capable of being affected by tastes and smells. In this way it is possible that certain foods can be helpful to create romantic mood. For example, exotic foods, a candle-lit table, and low music can lift one out of the mundane into the sphere of romance.

Kegel Exercises – A Natural Treatment For Incontinence

A type of incontinence that affects both men and women is stress incontinence, which is one of the most common forms of incontinence. The best way to avoid such stress incontinence is doing kegel exercises. There is no need of intaking drugs or undergoing surgery or other drastic changes in lifestyle. Just you have to spend 30 minutes a day to do kegel exercise anywhere at any time. There is no need of any special equipment too.

Stress incontinence-Causes:

The most common causes of stress incontinence among women are pregnancy, childbirth and especially having multiple normal deliveries. During pregnancy and childbirth, the sphincter and pelvic muscles stretch out and are weakened. Older age and conditions that cause a chronic cough which results in stress incontinence. Some women even suffer with pelvic floor dysfunction due to lack of estrogen. Such disorders are treated using vaginal dilators which is one of the Kegel tools.

How Kegel Exercise Helps?

dilators - A Natural Treatment For IncontinenceKegel Exercises are designed basically to perform isometric exercises that will strengthen and tone the muscles. The biggest challenge you face, while doing kegel exercise is finding the right muscles. The easiest way is to stop the urine in midstream suddenly and then releasing it. When you do this, you feel the muscles that you need to work on.

When you do kegel exercise, you won’t achieve the result overnight. You have to perform kegel exercise atleast 3 times a day to see a real change in pelvic floor muscles. You will get a great benefit and you are totally out of stress incontinence. But, continuing kegel exercise even after achieving result is best way to avoid such disorder in future.

Some people even locate improper muscles and they start doing kegel exercise over such muscle. It is necessary to locate the right set of muscles. Once, they have found out where the pelvic muscles are exactly located, they will need to squeeze and flex the pelvic floor muscles and they will need to do it in turns in a matter of seconds. So, they will need to squeeze their pelvic muscles for some 5 seconds and, then flex it for some other 5 seconds and so forth.

When you are doing kegel exercise for a few weeks, you can increase the duration of exercise. Instead of doing for 5 seconds, you can increase around 10 seconds and then release it for 10 seconds.

When you are doing this kegel exercise, it is necessary that you are spending much time for the purpose of relaxation. Then, when the exercise has started, it is important to make sure that other muscles are not going to be affected by the exercise. Otherwise, the result may not turn out to be as expected.

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