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5 Top Places Smart Cars Go

While still at its infancy stages, smart cars have been in the market and have been utilized in several societies. It was utilized greatly in Arizona for the better part of a year.

It is interesting to note how these smart cars have been utilized. Understanding where these smart cars are being used and their destinations will better help manufacturers plot out paths and build their smart cars in accordance with these places.

Here are the top four places that smart cars go.

To Work

This one is a no-brainer. The travel and commuting to and fro the workplace is often as bad or even worse than the actual job itself. It takes away so much time from a person’s day and traffic (not to mention other driver’s bad etiquette on the road) are often points of stress of a person.

To School

Early riders had young students use smart cars to go to school. While there are no definite demographics regarding age yet, it is understandable why students utilize smart cars.

In using smart cars, it frees up parents and guardians, giving them the opportunity to trust their children’s journey to school while focusing on other things such as work or other priorities.

To Bars and Drinking Places

This is an interesting fact and quite understandably so. When drinkers don’t need to worry about driving to and from a drinking place, the roads and people are safer.

Majority of road accidents in America are often attributed to people who are intoxicated. Smart cars cannot be intoxicated, so they can safely send their passengers home.

To the Gym

This one is also unsurprising. With smart cars, people who go the gym can go hard and leave no reserve energy for the ride home. Why would they? It is like they have a tireless driver driving them home anyway.

We at Smart Up France hope that the information presented will help people understand where and how smart cars are used better. We also hope that more information on the top places that smart cars go will be used to further improve its development in the future.

2 Smart Car Implications You Should Know About

Driverless cars are coming on to the force en masse. Uber recently announced that they were ordering as much as 24,000 autonomous cars to supplement their workforce. They ordered the cars from Volvo. Tesla also released its own driverless cars some time ago and is continuing its development.

Smart cars are a totally different piece of technology that will radically change the way the world works. When it is perfected and adopted, there will be a lot of changes in society.

Smart Up France presents two smart car implications that you should know about and prepare for.


With driverless cars, there is an expectation that when it becomes mainstream, there will be no need for people to own their own cars anymore.

Instead, transportation will become a service that will be capitalized on by big companies.

This is the expectation because there are just so many technical, monetary, and safety concerns that will be better handled by big transportation companies.

Ownership may become a thing of the past. It could become a specialized hobby reserved only for collectors and racers.

In addition to that, with driverless cars on the horizon, there may also be a need to do away with driver’s licenses. There would not be much need to procure a license if there is nothing to drive anymore.

Shared Energy

With electric cars on the verge of overtaking the market, there is an interesting implication about the energy that the smart cars bring around.

Nowadays, the batteries of our cellular phones seldom run out. With the advent of power banks, people could charge on the go and never be out of battery.

With smart cars, this could also ring true. A smart car is a really large portable battery. These could be used at construction sites and replace power generators. It could also be used to provide power in areas that do not have any electricity.

If larger smart cars were made, might it even be possible to replace the current power line system that we have?

The possibilities of smart cars leads to innovative ideas that have exciting implications for societies. There are more technological implications of smart cars constantly being developed. It will be interesting to see what happens from now.

3 Mind Blowing Smart Car Technologies Coming Up

A few years ago, driverless cars were a thing only found in science fiction. Now though, autonomous cars are something that we see more and more of each day.

Development doesn’t stop with the vehicle itself though. Scientists, engineers, and whole teams are currently developing technologies that will better the smart car experience.

Here are three mind blowing smart car technologies that you absolutely have to look out for.

Energy Producing Body Panels

Customizing the body and different panels of a car has often been done as a pure aesthetic choice. However, the automotive industry is a creative bunch that often has room for interesting and even odd ideas.

Enter Toyota. Toyota has developed Nori. In Japanese, nori is seaweed. This is made evident by the green color of the body plating.

Nori is a carbon fiber body plating for the chassis and body of the car. The carbon fiber element means that it is super lightweight, making your vehicle faster.

Apart from that though, Toyota added something a little extra that will give it a powerful boost. There are also solar panels implemented on the panels that allow for the car to be energy efficient. This generates extra power for the car and allows it to have energy sustainability.

Improved Gesture Control

In 2011, Audi introduced increased gesture control. It is known as the multimedia interface touch system.

This system allows for better controllability of your autonomous car.

Using this system, riders will be able to draw character on a trackpad. Depending on what character you draw, it could activate a number of different apps.

In doing so, it is the hope of Audi that it improves the driving experience of riders.

Air Propulsion

Cadillac has recently developed a way to make the engine of their cars more efficient. They have developed air propulsion.

Due to their development, the vehicle was able to run for 1,000 miles on compressed air before the need to refuel. A true solution for car efficiency.

We at Smart Up France are eager to see what other smart car technological advancements await us and smart cars in the future. Stay tuned to us as we stay tuned to these developments and report them to you.

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