Smart Up France is an organization and website that wholeheartedly supports smart cars.

For those who aren’t familiar with the concept, smart cars are a bit different from the normal cars that we see every day. No, these aren’t cars that have a higher intelligence quotient and can score higher than you on a test.

Smart cars are ones that are autonomous and can don’t need a driver to operate. These are also known as self-driving cars.

These cars use a variety of technologies to allow them to operate on their own. These technologies include radar, GPS, laser light, odometry, and computer vision just to name a few.

They also utilize advance control systems to interpret the information it sees around. This way, they can choose the correct path.

There are a number of reasons why Smart Up France supports smart cars. Mostly these come from the potential benefits that smart cars will offer the world.

The most obvious one is safety. It is our belief that taking the human error component, lesser collisions and accidents would take place.

At the same time, when all cars are smart cars, they would operate in this singular system where each car could know where the other’s paths are going. This would increase traffic flow and mobility greatly, allowing for more people to enjoy more hours of their day in a productive manner.

Our website supports smart cars by writing articles about the current developments of smart cars.

At its current state, smart cars are not perfect yet. As with everything, there is always room for improvement. We at Smart Up France will be here, vigilantly watching and detailing each development of smart cars.

We believe that eventually, smart cars will make the world a better place.